Lamothe's Sugar House
89 Stone Road
Burlington, Connecticut 06013

About us

We started making maple syrup a number of years ago, with a modest beginning of 7 taps. It was Leonard, Rob's
brother who decided to give tapping our maple trees a try. We made maple syrup for our own use at first, but soon had requests for purchases of maple syrup. We soon found demand was greater than our supply and a number of
times expanded our number of taps, and size of operation.

Along the way we had many request for pure maple candy and cream, and have had quite a demand for our
confections.  We have since expanded our confections to include several kinds of maple candies.  We have maple
hard candies, and maple walnut caramels that melt in your mouth. We also make granulated maple sugar.  It is very similar to brown sugar, but is dryer.

We have come a long way since the first 7 taps, expanding to more than 4500 taps, and into our present sugar house,
and a much larger evaporator. We have expanded into a larger showroom with many new items and have room now for larger groups.

What started as a hobby has become a full time family business for us.
Along with the maple syrup, we also raise pigs, and mini-lop bunnies.